Thursday, April 17, 2014

Sir Ken Robinson Ted Talk

In the Ted Talk "How School Kill Creativity" Sir Ken Robinson talks about how schools are limiting students creativity to the point where it disappears when they are an adult. Robinson made a good point when he said "Schools are focusing on mathematics and science more than arts and music." This seems to be true for nearly all schools. It's made me aware that I need to excersize my creative side in order to keep it there. If schools can't do that for me, I'll have to do it for myself, and I think that's important for others to do as well. Schools are preparing us to become engineers and mathematicians, but like Robinson said, it's important to stay creative and use both sides of your brain.  Robinson spoke with humor. He interjected jokes throughout his speech, which proved his point in the end. He also spoke with sincerity, which had an emotional effect on the audience. He combines personal experiences, along with others experiences to help prove his point. Robinson uses his hand in order to get his point across, but he isn't dramatic in his expressions. He will also walk up and down stage talking to different parts of his audience, while still keeping each audience member engaged. He maintains good eye contact, and it also looks as if he stares each attender in the eye. Throughout the whole presentation, Robinson referred back to his original point, which was that schools kill creativity. While I believe this to be true, I think it's for an important reason. A school's duty is to prepare their students for the world. Right now, the world is in a technological revolution with new gadgets being created everyday. That means the job market is going to be in high demand for engineers and mathematicians who can create this new technology. So, schools are killing creativity, only because they are trying to do their job by preparing each student for the job market ahead of them.


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