Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Kirk Citron Ted Talk

In the Ted Talk "And Now the Real News" by Kirk Citron, the point that not all news is important is examined. News that won't be important to us in the future should simply be filtered out. Humans are receiving too much news, and it's overwhelming. Things that won't mean anything to us in the future should simply not be considered important news. This includes things such as the economy, Afghanistan etc. Things that should be in the news that will affect us in the future are things such as scientific advancements. Those things will affect us later on in life and are therefore deemed important. Citron asks questions in his presentation to get the audience thinking. He then answers these questions leading the audience to the point he is trying to make. It's an effective usage of cause and effect that helps him easily prove his point. Citron uses his hands in order to explain his points and visually connect with the audience. He also uses slides in order to visually engage his audience and prove his point. If news sources stopped producing news that was irrelevant to us in the future, it may be beneficial to every one. That way we can focus on the future and work torwards that, instead of sabotaging our future with the issues we have now.


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