Tuesday, April 8, 2014

I took away that being yourself is more important than anything else. It doesn't matter what others think of you, you need to find yourself. It's imperative to reflect on what matters to you, and what you want out of life. Life is about you, so you should make it good for yourself. I took away confidence in myself and what I do. The speaker was very emotional in the way she spoke. She spoke with emphasis on certain words, and let other words slip in. It led to a power speech. She also used slam poetry to talk about herself and explain her story. It was emotional, yet powerful. She emphasized words that made her story important. She selected words that meant a lot to her, and easily painted a vivid image of the point she wanted to get across. She would pace across the stage in a powerful way. When she spoke poetry she used her hands to create motions that told her story. She performed actions that described the words she told. When she spoke to the crowd however, she stood still and told her story. Hand motions weren't used when she just spoke to the audience. Personally, I feel like I need to be more confident in what I do. I took away how important confidence was in life. It makes a large impact in what you do and say. If I'm not confident in myself, I'm not going to take risks, and life is about the risks you take. Whether they you fail or succeed, you're going to look back at the risks you took, not the ones you didn't take. This makes me feel like I need to take risks in the real world. Do things I haven't done. That means stepping out of my comfort zone. It's hard to ever be great without taking a risk, or stepping out of the place you feel comfortable. This speaker taught me the importance of confidence in myself.


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