Sunday, April 27, 2014

Dave Eggers Ted Talk

In the Ted Talk "Once Upon a School" by Dave Eggers the point that helping kids achieve their goals is important was presented. I took away how important it was to help kids with school, because they are our future and the world will depend on them soon enough. Kids who struggle with school need help so they can have successful lives in their future. It's important to give everybody the same opportunity to succeed, whether it comes easier or hard for them than others.  Eggers effectively uses his past experiences in order to prove his point. He tells one long story in which he conveys how important it is to give kids the chance to learn and succeed. He uses his hands and pictures in order to visually represent what he is trying to say. The pictures help keep the audience visually engrossed throughout the whole presentation. If every child is given the opportunity to succeed in their life, than the world will be continually made a better place for all. It all starts with us. Without us, we can't teach future generations to succeed and make the world a wonderful place.


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