Sunday, April 20, 2014

Dan Pink Ted Talk

In the Ted Talk "The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us"  by Dan Pink the idea that being rewarded for physical success has a better outcome than when being rewarded for mental success.  I took away a new interesting mindset on the way people are motivated. Like Pink said multiple times throughout his talk, most people thinks rewarding for success will increase productivity. It's interesting to me that when doing cognitive thinking rewards actually stop the success that people have. It seems to me that people do this because they are internally motivated to the point where an external motivation has no affect on that person. Pink also brings up an interesting point, that if people are motivated in this way, do people need to be payed as much. If internal motivation can be brought to the point where the motivation of money has no affect on the person, than people could stop being payed. Pink uses a fast paced talk in which he uses many facts to prove his point. It's a very well researched talk in which he is able to effectively captivate the audience with various different factual points. Throughout the whole presentation a person is drawing on a whiteboard which makes it easy to follow the presentation. It visually represents what Pink is trying to get across because at times it is a little difficult to understand. The visual representations keep the mind captivated throughout the whole talk. This whole new philosophy could affect the whole world. If people start channeling external motivations to be more internal, a whole new system would be created. No longer would people be motivated by things such as money, but now by personal achievement.


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